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  1. Hi there! Just wanted to give you my bestest wishes for this holiday season and 2012! Take Care my Friend!
  2. Thank you so much for your too kind note! Made my day! I only wish I could do way more than I do do for animals, I really don't feel I do enough, there are sooo many in need because of crappy people who treat them bad and leave them to fend for themselves, some of those people deserve to be put in a cage and left alone to get a good sense of how it feels!!!!!

    I really hope you feel better soon, how did you give yourself a concussion, not a nice thing to do for yourself!!!! Are you working today?
  3. Good morning, you always bring so much to this site with all you do with the HS, and your beautiful, thoughtful, caring ways. It is with great respect an admiration that I say thanks so much for all you do. It is too true that we humans can be soooo selfish and is quite unbelievable that we actually destroy the our air and water that we need to live not to mention all the incredible gifts we have been given that we abuse and destroy. I could go on forever about all the abuse of children, animals and each other, but getting too depressing for a At least there are people like you to help to change the world for the better
    ]I hope you have a wonderful weekend my sweet, lovely friend. I am dedicating a post to you...
  4. So glad to hear you took notice of that post about the skunks and e-mailed it around! Thanks a lot Scorpio. I also feel that way, about people versus animals, people can be soooo insensitive and selfish on purpose where animals are not like that! People really do an awful lot of harm to furry beings - way too much.....
  5. Thanks. I know it is hard to go to the H.S. and see all those animals in need because of people who have left them behind. I find it really distressing but I figure if noone tries to help them they would be even worse off. Poor things though, some of them are there sooo long through no fault of their own they just got adopted by the wrong person and they have no say what so ever where they end up!!!!

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