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  1. haha thanks! that's the page for funmovieswag! going to check out your picture now! hehehe
  2. thanks! i posted the pic.

    you win so many cool prizes too, i just checked out your album!! i tried looking for funmovieswag on twitter, but it doesn't show up!
  3. WOW! That's awesome! you got some nice wins very jealous! haha! can't wait to see the pictures! congrats again!
  4. lol it is the whole set of staals! so 4 autographed pucks, and it's framed woo! i will take a pic of it and post it up in the contest wins section soon lol.
  5. Oh nice!! cool! Love your blog too by the way!!
  6. oops, actually it was bieksa! i had to look at my old blog post lol. i posted up a pic:
  7. thanks! i got d. sedin, h. sedin, kesler and mitchell (i think)! they're just sitting in my basement now LMAO. i also have a set of staal autographed pucks on the way from a kleenex contest!
  8. Congrats on your SPC contest win! Was going to rep you but I repped too much today but for sure I will once my repping power is back! I remeber you won tickets to a canucks game and autorgraphed stuff! I forgot to ask whose autographs did you get Congrats again on your amazing contest wins!! Have a great weekend!
  9. Ohh!! That would be cool! Please post pictures! Would love to see them! Congrats such a great win!!
  10. the guy never told me which autographs i get. i'm just supposed to pick up the sticks after the game. i wonder if i get to choose? lol.
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