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  1. YEEEEEEEES. It's in my house.
  2. out for delivery in Ottawa? I HOPE SO! I'm so scared that I wrote the address wrong...but I know it was ON for sure...gahhhhhh. I'm off to physio now! I just need to leave some ppl some fb and out the door I go!
  3. it's out for delivery
    (Ok i'll stop posting here now )
  4. it's out for delivery , it's out for delivery
  5. Congrats on 100 posts !
  6. Fine then. I guess you're gonna be shelling out money for a mattress. I'll be in the next room peeling a maxi pad off of my face, @ least no one will see me!
  7. Wake up with a pad stuck to the side of my face?! LOL
    Diapers are crinkley and .. plastic.
  8. But matresses are so expensive! want to sleep on pads? tampons are hard so thats about diapers?
  9. Fine.. but i'm not sleeping ontop of packages of paper towel !! lol
  10. noooo. We'd have an amazing organized stockpile room. It'll be amazing. We'd go in there just to look @ it lol
  11. *It'd
  12. !! It's be cluttered, with all our free stuff from coupons though lol
  13. You know what would be cool? If we somehow managed up @ the same place and were roomates! lol
  14. Yeah I see both and a social worker. Just came back from there actually. Awe, your heart? Not good .

    I'm not exactly sure, it changes every day lol. But i'm looking more into colleges.
  15. Yeah, I know what you mean. I saw a psychiatrist and psychologist together for a while o.O I get crazy anxious since my heart has stopped so many times the past few years and i've had a bunch of stays in Intensice Care.

    What are your plans for post secondary? I'm scared universities will hold the home schooling thing against me... :p
  16. Anxiety, depression things like that .

    I should be graduating next year if I were in real school (june 2012) but I may graduate by the end of this year.
  17. I'm supposed to be graduating this year but I'm behind. I have a heart condition so I'm in the hospital a lot. What about you?
  18. Yes yes, I am !
    What year(s) are you in?
  19. You're homeschooled? Me too! Never thought I'd meet another home schooled couponer!
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