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  2. oh for once you were ahead of me with the thinking cannot believe I did not have that already figured out....I need more coffee....
    ok how bout this one..
    did you see the english muffins deal at sobeys buy2 get 500points if yu have room in your freezer and if they are 1.99 or less you would break even
    don't believe me check the flyer
  4. nice try 7 am Saturday....I am not falling for that
  5. very funny... no really 7am on Saturday at Old Navy they are giving away a Mario bros. wiiu game wus $40 I'm not even buying the wiiu this year but I'm tempted to go and get it, or at noon door buster theya re giving a free brave movie with a shirt purchase for 15$ if you have any kids to buy for i ts a good deal! no really
  6. you should be out of bed by is a really great deal at Walmart but you have to get there now.....ha ha ha...
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  8. i thought it was...ha kind of looks like me
  9. Cute
  10. hey where have you been hiding? hope all is good
  11. his arm is doin better...he finally got the stiches out...i am tired out though from playing
  12. Hey how's hubby arm doing and you of course
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