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  1. Miss ya on here, thinking of you
  2. AND I MISS YOU, hope you are okay!
  3. Happy Halloween to you sharkie & dh,

    Enjoy the day and be young at heart as before you know we'll all be old farts (lol)

  4. I thought this poem so suited you....

    The toasting glass in their honour we should raise
    The kind of heart they are worthy of our praise
    To help those in need they go out of their way
    Just for to be helpful and without asking for pay
    Kind hearted people a few live on every street
    Such people that one does feel happy to meet
    For the welfare of others they genuinely do care
    Though sad to think such people becoming rare
    A few kind hearted people I feel privileged to know
    And my respect for them with familiarity grow
    Their rare gift of kindness is a wonderful thing
    And their praises I always feel happy to sing
    To their higher selves they remain ever true
    And credit for their humanity in heaps they are due.
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  6. Just a note to say hiya!
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  11. Have a great weekend...
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