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  1. I'm doing good. The old gang all went to facebook. lol
  2. Hey, All doing good here tks. How bout yourself? Where did the ol gang go?
  3. Ok, We know you're really busy. We understand.
  4. lol i know eh. gotta try to get time to get some posted.
  5. We need pictures of the new baby!!!!
  6. Tyvm
  7. Congrats on the new baby!!!!!
  8. yup sure did. passed with a 85%.
  9. Hope it went well!!
  10. tyvm. finally bk. finished my course today.
  11. Welcome back!!!!
  12. Hi, Hope yer having a great week.
  13. TY. Happy Easter to you to.
  14. Happy Easter!!!
  15. lol sry. i finally got one. i usually misses them to.
  16. Thanks but as usual, I missed it. grr
  17. They are good ones...
  18. ty. i only post the ones that make me laugh till i almost pee. lol
  19. lmao. tks u 2.
  20. ty. same to you.
  21. Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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