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  1. Wow Carly, That is GORGEUS!! I love it, lol anything that takes time to put together always takes longer than the box says!! Glad to hear The BF is back
  2. Hi Sherbear!! Awesome Coach purse So happy for you!! Now you can go shopping in style, lol We had a very nice Christmas with family & Santa brought us this
    Well, actually BF & I got it for each other, lol but I had a raincheck for 50% off!! It said 40mins to put together but took us about 4hrs!! haha but got it all put together & all the wires hooked up & its so lovely & cozy!!
    All the best to you in the New Year!!
  3. Thanks Carly, i wish i could post a pic of the bag & wallet, but i am so anti- but if u want to see it, try a serach for COACH F18427 I am in love, i have another bag, but found out it was a fake pretty thing, but DH took me to the factory for my XMAS gift, funny part he said "glad You did come, I would have no idea which one to get you! " lol Hope all is good & you had a wonderful Xmas Sherri
  4. Carly, Would a mention of the BBB or the MEDIA might make a difference ? I am not sure where or what can be done, I am not much of a help with this kinda stuff, I know this sounds odd, but the points are great,but I would be more upset over my info being out there to some arse hole (sorry to swear!!) specialy with the crazy fools out there!! It will get better IT HAS TO!! hugs glad the contest made ur day!! hugs Sherri
  5. Thanks! It was a nice surprize to win the baking contest on ECC! After the week I've had, lol Still working on my SDM points mess!! Crossing my fingers!
  6. Congrats on the win
  7. Hi Sherbear! Thanks for the heads up on the Sobeys points!! I will be sure to check out ECC as I do shop there but only if a good sale & good points deals, lol
    Can always use some free groceries with points!! yay!!
    Just got back from Didn't buy anything just looking & making my list for Mega bonus!! hehe
  8. HEY Carly!!!!! did u see what ECC did?? it's a point miracle for Sobey's!! not sure if you shop there... but they are posting all point offers for out west & Ontario today & tommorow!! every hour they are releasing new ones!! OH HAPPY DAY!!! they are still doing out west.. but just wanted to give u a heads up!! so if you know any CS fans!! hint hint!!
  9. I just have never looked for it... had enough trouble finding the Quo!!! haha shows how often I go into that part of the store!!
  10. Oh really!!! No Smashbox at your SDM??? Thats a crime!!! LMAO!! Its awesome for a makeup junkie like me!!!
  11. Oh that .. i still have yet to find that in my SDM... oh well
  12. Yeah, I think they are trying to trick us!! but we are smarter, hehe Unless the new Smashbox Holiday stuff comes in I will hold off too!!
  13. I think this is a skipper for me...hahaha ..waiting on a big one (keeping fingers crossed!!0 need 16,000 to get to the top for a 2nd redemption... so deff a skipping... funny thing after i checked on here ..there it was in the old email... started to laugh... than posted over on ECC...
  14. WTG!! Nice to earn points back when you redeem!! No kiddies here for Halloween, just a couple kids across the street I made baggies of candy for....I found the Bat coupon on Nestle fav's (44ct-120ct) exp 31dec so will be good for a sale, lol
  15. I did go, redeemed for a $100. got back 24,080 points plus paid $25.00 oop went a little surprise eh hope you had a good halloween ... it was busy here... but had hardly no kids maybe 3 or so including my own
  16. Hi, So did you redeem on the weekend or did you skip it like me!! lol
    I'm gonna do the 20x wus $75 cosmetics/fragrance as I need about 30,000 more points for 2x max redemption!! haha
  17. Oh you saw our fuzzy girls pics!! They are so cute!! They are napping on the boat after swimming!! lol
    Have a great day!! I need to plan a shop for 20X day tomorrow at SDM!! hehe
  18. How nice that you get to meet to the GF and go boating I am skipping as well... no cosmetics at this house...
  19. Thanks!! Boating is going great but BF is working 6 days now so going again Sunday & DS is coming with his new GF!! I think I'm gonna pass on this weeks promo!! I have sooooo much cosmetics its crazy!!
  20. I was shocked when I found that in my email now I am hoping that someone puts up more lol hope your having a great day
  21. Thanks for the rep!! Have a great day!!
  22. thx hoping for a window one hope your having a great day kinda hot out there...
  23. Got a special front row seat on the SDM bus for ya!!
    Have a super day!!
  24. lol I am thinking ti's time to start searching on the januaray site...can't get anywhere with it but maybe worth a try good luck with the codes
  25. LOL, I think your right!! haha Sure made me laugh at all the funny bananas pics... I'm off soon to hunt down the GM cereal with the Free Beach Towel codes...hope i can find them here...haven't seen them yet!! We can use them when we going boating/& the beach!!!
    Have a great day!!!
  26. I think that thread will go down in history lol
  27. Funny whining thread today!! I will be dreaming about those crazy bananas all night, lol
  28. LOL, we seem to start whining around the same time for the new flyers, haha
  29. thx for the rep...i agree i want to see the flyer i am with you whaaa
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