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  1. I really should just start making my own flour considering these prices! Between kids & dh eating a loaf a day lol Thanks so much for the info!!
  2. Hi! The whole wheat flour goes for different prices depending on which type you want (there are about 4 different types, I believe - for bread machines, soft wheat, superfine, etc.). I've paid $25-30 (lol I can't remember the exact price from last time because I only buy it about twice a year!) or so over the past few years for the cheapest variety (regular hard wheat), but flour prices tend to fluctuate a lot and are going up in general, so I'm expecting it to be a bit on the high side for my next order. To get it, you just need to go into the store (or call in) and ask a manager about it; they'll be happy to order it for you.

    Happy baking!
  3. How much do u pay at Bulk Barn for 20kg of ww flour? I hate that the stores never have the ww or unbleached in larger sizes
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