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  1. I am alive - still here everyday, I think about taking a break but then I always find myself here checking in - good to see you back and can't wait to see a brag soon
  2. Ive been busy with other stuff. Still using coupons and stuff, but just not posting brags and interacting on SC (But I do miss it...). How have u been???
  3. Aww thanks! I miss SC!!! I'm just busy with other stuff. still use coupons, just not as hard core. I am so stocked up on a lot and know more than enough to make it all work well enough for me. Been really busy with this: A website on Katy Perry... when she was younger and a Christian music artist. Could be very exciting things to come... already gotten some amazing visitors, LOL!
  4. Miss your brags - hope everything is ok with you!
  5. Ohh for realz! Well, not sure I believe in actual Karma... but if there is such thing... MUH HAHA! It'll bull doze her over someday and she won't be so thrilled and proud of her dishonest self!
  6. Re Conversation below - I myself commented nicely about her misusing coupons and she went crazy and pm'd me several times rudely - she also reported me! lol
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