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  1. Happy Valentines day to you too!
  2. Yeah, trying to get the book for lolcat before she logs on
  3. Thanks for the rep. Ya sheds are going up. Got part of the roof on last night. The rest has to wait until the weekend now.
  4. You're welcome!! I really like it here, esp with the thread back to normal!! Thanks for all the rep!!
  5. thanks for the rep, I think its great that you all are here. Makes the place fun!
  6. thanks for the rep! It worked with no space. YAY!
  7. no smilely, try without the space??
  8. I don't know either. I'll give you rep again as soon as it will let me. Looks like you put a space between the : and the ). I'll do it so let me know if it shows up!
  9. I just learnt, not sure if they show up tough. LOL
  10. Well I learned something else today also. I didn't know how to do a smiley in the rep either.
    Thanks for the rep and the info on poutine!!
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