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  1. Thanks for the off now...
  2. What???
  3. Im doing ok smart ass,lol.
  4. it only says for a limited time so I ordered two and it let me for the ones that are only 1 per week it doesn't let me. How are you doing cabby?
  5. But maybe it isn't for that new $5.00 pizza card, in the past it always said 1 per 7 day period.
  6. As far as I know you can only redeem 1 of any item every 7 days on icoke.
  7. Yeah but its not for 8 months.
  8. nice have a great time
  9. I carry 1 carry on bag,lol. In feb I'm going to spend 3 days in toronto and then fly to Vancouver for 3 days, and have dinner with momofkali and her family.
  10. so I can come a long in ur suitcase
  11. Why??,
  12. where you off to cabby?
  13. Thanks, went to walmart and before that lunch at indian buffet that my uncle paid for. Now he'll pick me up at 6pm to go see fast 5.
  14. Happy Birthday Cabby. Have a wonderful day!!!!
  15. Im ok, just here and there. Maybe not posting as much but in spurts,lol. I have to head back to work. Month end on sat and I have to make sure the girl doing it has all the notes she needs.
  16. Welcome cabby how are you? Where have you been hiding? lol
  17. Thanks for the rep..
  18. No sorry, I dont do that disney stuff,lol.
  19. just wondering if you would have any disney reward codes that you don't want? I just need a few more to redeem for something
  20. anymore amazon giveaways I am there lol
  21. Have fun cabby!!! Have a wonderful week and weekend
  22. thank u ur so generous
  23. I cant tell you the exact time but i'll tell you apx..
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