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  1. No problem - there are so many others out there. Thanks.
  2. Have no idea but doubt it, sorry
  3. All the rules say US only! Have any Canucks won?
  4. Sign up for the site and it puts the info in for you, big time saver.
  5. Was looking for InTouch to check it out, but the search was so confusing. Is there any chance you can let me have a link for it please? Many've got me curious now!!!
  6. Thanks for the info. - those give me even more to keep me busy LOL!!!! I often feel it is just a waste of time, but know that all it will take is that first win to keep me hooked.
  7. Busily entering contests now usually enter woman's day, they have a lot of good ones, PointClickHome lots of good ones there but you have to make sure you're on the right contest page if it says sweepstakes at the top of the sweepstakes page and they only have a few then its the wrong page. Intouch has some great giveaways those are the main ones I try to enter daily. Good luck
  8. Thanks for missing me!!! I've been around, but it's a question of time and there are just too many interesting threads on here...LOL. Stuck in contests at the moment and determined to get that first win! I love Points & Prizes, but can't seem to keep up with everything!!!
  9. Thank you for rep and congrats. Have a good night
  10. You've got that right! Next time he can ice and I'll spackle!
  11. your very welcome glad you liked it
  12. Awesome heart. Happy Valentines Day to you too - hope you had a great one.

  14. LOL Stardreamer. I know I'd be the same way and just sit all day trying to get it right. If I join that I'll never get anything done!!!! Thanks for the rep.
  15. Thanks for the warm welcome to the thread and the rep.
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