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  1. Hi Solo sorry slow posting back was away for a bt!!! I started a new train if you want to hop on
  2. Hey friend I just wanted to let you know Im thinking of you
  3. Hi friend!!! Thanks for being patient with me I think I am ready to jump back in the fire!!! If you are starting another train make sure to let me know k!!

    If you are interested....LOL
  4. LOL sorry Im not ignoring you!!! Im just insanly busy and usually pop onto SC for quick checks and didnt notice your message on my wall miss you too!!!
  5. Still miss you : (
  6. WHERE ARE YOU??????????????/ Miss you
  7. Hey Solo I received your postcard from bluzz's train you don't realize how much that put a smile on my face. Brings back alot of good memories me and my mom and the kids use to go to Kincardine and Bayfield every year and ALWAYS visted Goderich. Use to park and walk around the circle to visit the shops. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face!
  8. Good morning friend I found the sandy lion stickers at wal mart in the card section and some at microage basics on clearance.....still have lots for future sticker trains have a great day!!!!!
  9. Hey Friend!! Kayla wanted me to ask you where you find all the Sandy Lion Stickers? We can never seem to fin these ones and there her fav!
  10. Lets just say you probally won't need anymore 3.00 Smartblend ; )
  11. not sure if you knew but there is a new tearpad for the cream I put 2 in my bday train for you
  12. were not friends? Had to change that lol
  13. Thanks soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much came just before the kids came home from school they were so excited not much excites my 17 year old son lol. The never tryed the cheese before. I am a pretty good detective lol.

  14. LOL so you got your surprise in the mail!!! I wasnt going to tell you it was me!!! he he...I can just picture you opening the box....priceless!!
  15. Did you send me Bugles lol? I am thinking it was you but before I get mushy will find out ,,,,
  16. My daughter just LOVED the stickers she is 14 but is an avid collector lol
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