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  1. Thinking about you and your family, I am so sorry to hear this news about your dad.
  2. I'll be CHEERING you on tomorrow morning on Derringer Aloha!!!!! POSITIVE VIBES
  3. congrats on the new blue
  4. Thanks for the pics! You always seem to have genuine joy in your smile-sign of a life well enjoyed!
  5. I am sad to hear about your friend-peace and love to you and her family
  6. Hey there - thanks for the suggestion of heading to the Bell store for a phone book for my mom, that was the ticket, they had them!
  7. Thanks! Me too, I often think about what an awesome party it would be if we could all meet up at a bar or something. Maybe one day I will be able to make it out to one of the Qbashes or something but I live out in the boonies! Have a great night
  8. Thanks aloha!! You seem like such a cool mom and person. Would love to meet you sometime . Not a lez or anything just love to party sometime i would love to get the group together and have pizza and beer and rock and roll.
  9. You are a great daughter to be doing so much for your Dad! Hope he recovers soon...
  10. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! All the best in 2014
  11. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!
  12. I know have some amazing guardian angels watching over me or I have the biggest horseshoe up my butt.
  13. Spartacus-you are sooo lucky with the cops and the smoke-WOW, someone is looking out for you eh!
  14. Thanks so much for your kind words. It really helps. I know that i am a survivor. But it's just really hard sometimes, especially with no hubby or kids to comfort me. That's why i love this thread. You guys make me feel like family.
  15. Hey there-must be the weather or something screwing everyone up! Hang in there with how you are feeling-my hubby goes through winter depression every year at this time, partially the winter blues but has to do with his family too and it is really hard. I get it and I hope you can pull through every time. If anything, you have one hell of a great personality and it shines through in all your posts, you are funny and I am sure tons of fun tobe with too-hope you are felling better soon
  16. YAY!Congrats on your NEW BLUE!
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