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  1. Wishing you the best in 2016 Spart, hope all goes the way you want in your life!

  2. Yes, I got my pass - I mentioned it on the site last weekend, glad to get it so I don't have to worry about it! If you didn't get one I could get you in.........
  3. Did you get pass for the Q Beach Party?
  4. Happy V Day Spart! Peace and Love!

  5. Happy New Year All the best in 2014 Yes I did go to MW @ Opera House. It was a great show Love the place. I have 6 ticky's for the next MW.Houses of the Holy on Feb. 15 also at Opera house if you want to go. Let me know.
  6. Thanks! No, I was lucky and didn't lose any power, really feel sorry for those who did. Did you go to see M.W. the other night. I was thinking it was on the Saturday not the Friday and couldn't go on Friday. Darn. It was probably a good show. Will be going to the Rockpile East for Goddo on New Year's Eve though!
  7. Merry belated Christmas and an early Happy New Year!!! Did you lose your power Ecat?
  8. Wishing you the best of the season Spart! Take Care! Peace and Love!
  9. It's devastating what the government allows supposed humans to do to animals, pertaining to animal abuse. I'd love to string the Government up by their balls and do to them what they allow humans do to animals. PEACE AND LOVE ANIMALS RULE!!!!!!
  10. I'm also a member of PETA and get those e-mails from them. It just overwhelms me and the cruel things that go on, I can't even sleep with all the things that go through my head - I can't call people human who do some of these things.......and phasing out those "sow stalls" my god how long does it have to take that is serious cruelty can't image the suffering they go through their whole lives..........
  11. I know it's disgusting how they treat the animals we eat. I'm a member of Peta so I get all kinds of horrifying pictures of things. Makes me sick. ANIMALS RULE!!!!
  12. Thanks for liking that post - I doubt anyone else will, I just feel sooooo bad for those animals who are killed for food!!!! really wish I could help them......................
  13. Happy Birthday Again! Have a good one!
  14. I know can't believe it Ecat. Could never understand how people can be so cruel to animals. it will come on them tenfold. I curse them all.
  15. Thanks for signing the petition Spart! Unbelievable cruelty goes on - soooo wrong

    Nice to see you too, I'm sure we'll meet again soon! Take Care!
  16. Hi Ecat I'm going around 1 pm probably. Here's my cell # 647-459-0234 call me when you get there then we can hook up. Berndawg and his fam are going, Karl is going to try to go. See you there
  17. Hope Thursday works out great!!!
  18. Thanks Ecat. I'll check it out.
  19. Hi Spart!

    Try looking up - they may be able to help, hope so.
  20. Hi Ecat sounds like your trip was a blast. Glad your back safe. need to ask you a question to do with my cats. I'm on ODSP and a friend told me there is a foundation that will help out with vet expenses if you are on disability. Have you heard of such a thing? I'm in dire need of help. If you know please pass on any info. Thanks
  21. Do you know who is playing before Michael White tonight? I didn't get around to calling. Who all is going besides H Team?
  22. Hope you can mellow out tonight!!! take care - the Million Vacations thingie at the S.A. is something to look forward to!!! for sure!!!
  23. Hi ecat thanks for the pics i got all the pics. Just letting you know
  24. Nice to see you also. Awesome concert!!!!!!!!!!
  25. Nice to see you!!!
  26. Season's Greetings spartacus - hope you have a good one!
  27. Have a Blast and a margarita for me.
  28. Hi spartacus - thanks for the friendship request - I happily accept!
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