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  1. shoppers voice is a survey that you can do either online or have them mail it to you. it's pretty lengthy but they send you a big whack of really awesome coupons and sometimes samples and fpc's. i've gotten it twice a year, some ppl say they don't every get them. worth a shot tho! as for shoppers i try and only go there on the 20x the points days and use some coupons - adds up at the end of the year for the mega redemption
  2. I'm just getting the hang of couponing and don't really know much yet about Shopper's and how the points work to really take advantage of it. Would love some helpful hints on how to get started and what to watch for!! Also what is this "Shopper's voice "?? I keep seeing it after coupons but don't know how or where to get it. I'm still learning the ropes
  3. are you doing the shoppers 20x tomorrow? im gonna try for the one on mapleview, hopefully not too busy
  4. sorry it took me awhile to accept - sc for me is totally kerplunked!
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