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  1. Thanks for adding me as a friend. We took our boys to the African Lion Safari on Thursday and they really enjoyed that. Then we didn't really do anything on the actual weekend. Haha. Hope you enjoy your visitor. Ttys.
  2. I hope your weekend was more interesting than mine. I just cleaned and slept in too late =P Didn't do much of anything, but I'll have a visitor starting Wednesday who will be here for a month. I'm sure I'll be very busy after that, so I'll enjoy my laid back lifestyle a little longer hehe
  3. Thanks for the rep!! Hope you're having a great weekend!!
  4. Thanks for the rep! And I'm with you there.. Trying to make those 6 coupons can be hard That'll teach me not to order them all next month, just in case XD
  5. Thanks for the rep!! Have a great weekend!!
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