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  1. Hey!! Been doing great!! Finding lots of freebies & deals, haha Just thought I`d see what your up too, lol Haven`t seen you out & about!! Hope all is well with you!!

  2. Hey Carly! I haven't done much shopping lately! How have you been?
  3. yeah, I'm not picking up much this weekend either...some downey from no frills and OJ from WM-that's about it--BOOO--super crappy sales!
  4. I hear ya! I'm so stocked up on stuff, lol Not too many good sales this week...mostly all Back to School stuff which i don't need, haha
    OMG! I just read that SDM might not give points on their GC's starting around Oct 01 but not confirmed yet! Blahhhhhh!
    They are making it harder & harder! & I don't pay their prices either only if its a good sale!
  5. Nice! You should get a nice chunk of pts!
    Yeah shoppers kinda bummed me out when they changed their values...I used to redeem all the time, but now I find I'm not buying as much from there I don't really need much of anything right now...just mainly using up stuff we have and not really buying things unless they are a super good deal
  6. Oh OK...Just thought I'd check with you! I know I haven't shopped as much lately at SDM just for 20X points & the Tell A Friend! lol
    Did a side group on my own to get extra points too!
  7. No I didn't do the tell a friend event...haven't really been collecting optimum pts lately--kinda ticked me off when they changed their point values & now I really don't shop there much anymore
  8. Yeah, that too! WM in Wallaceburg always runs out of stuff! I only go once in awhile as BF parents live there & when I drop off coupons to my SIL

    BTW...did you sign up for the Tell A Friend Event?? I didn't see your name?? I started a group for those that missed the deadline! Still have room if your interested!
  9. That's crazy!! I never go into the WM in Wallaceburg...I'm not there much & it seems everytime I have gone there in the past for a sale item, they are out
  10. Hey! Oh yeah! It was quite the experience! They guy was a jerk! lol I just wanted to get outta there asap! or I would have told him off, haha Oh & I forgot...I got my 1st SCOP as the Glade s/o refills rang in at 7.47 but sign said $6! It will be a long time before I shop at WM in Wallaceburg again! DUH!
    But I wanted my free chips! hehe
  11. Great read! As above I don't think they can /or do this. Last week I PM the Old Dutch chips at Wm in Wallaceburg ON (from RCSS) & they almost had a fit b/c they entered the chips at $1.98 but then said they couldn't take the $2off coupons as it was less than the product...I said but you just took off the full $5 off the Airwick imotions (4.97) LOL...& they didn't know what to say!
    So they ended up taking all the chips off the bill & ringing them in at $2 each-$2cpns! I had 12 bags of chips & they guy behind me was having a fit! He piped up & said you can only use coupons on reg price stuff! Shock! I just said I've been doing this for over a year & there is no such rule, lol

    ---I can't believe the guy behind you had the nerve to open his mouth...seriously! Some people!
  12. hahaha, yes you should, you seem to be good at it
  13. Great! Glad you found some! LOL I should play matchmaker for coupons on here...I seem to read that someone is LF something & then the next one I find someone that has them
  14. Thanks Carly! We actually just traded...just got finished writing up the envie a few seconds ago
  15. Oh good! Hope you don't get it! I had fever (98C) & chills & achy & headache... just felt rotten for about 4 or 5 days! Must have picked up a bug somewhere, lol
  16. I've been lucky so far with not being sick *knock on wood* Strep throat was going around my work, but somehow I managed not to get it! *phew*
  17. LOL, Tonight I'm a nighthawk, haha Last week I was sick so in bed by 11pm, yikes!
    Oh love your pic with your doggie! Cute!
  18. Just saw you RCSS post! You and I must be night hawks!! lol
  19. no your pics aren't coming up on my end
  20. Thanks! I will pick up coffee filters as I have 1 coupon, lol Need a few things at FB this week
    I used to go to RCSS weekly but have only been about 3 times since March, after the run in over the Aveeno coupons, haha
    They seem to frown on you getting anything for free! LOL
    I did use my FPC's tho
  21. I saw your SIL's post glad she got some too There were lots of filters left last time I was there there are a few different kinds I don't drink much coffee, but the guys at the group home I work for do, so I'm going to give some to them

    Superstore can be horrible at times---although I haven't really had a problem there lately using coupons....I wonder if someone didn't complain because they've been nice with me lately---whereas before I had nothing but troubles...
  22. Well, the CS sucks at don't go there much anymore..just to check the coupon board once in awhile! My SIL has had a few runs in with them too!
    I won't waste my time or money there...just PM at WM or Zellers, hehe
    If they go on strike so be it! Thanks for the info!
    BTW, my SIL from Wburg got the Shakers/coffee filters that you posted about! She was happy!
    I didn't have shakers coupies, but have 1 for the filters if they have any left...haven't had time to get to FB yet! LOL
    Have a great week!
  23. LOL, The Secret is out! haha Oh well, will wait for another deal! haha I looked this morning & found 1 bottle hiding back on my shelf! hehe
  24. LOL I think I have too many people following my deal posts on facebook apparently....I went there today to see if there were any clearance intuition razors & they were all gone too
  25. Went to SDM St Clair last night but no Tetley Tea They said they didn't carry it! Duh! LOL Glad you got some!
  26. no problem!
  27. Thanks for letting me know about the Tetley Tea! Hope to find some as I need to get more water & mail some trades tonight! lol
  28. There are some tetley tea on clearance @ SDM St Clair the other day for $1--free with $1 off coupons...I had 3 coupons & I picked up 3
  29. LOL doesn't seem to be too many great ones out there lately...although my coupon stash isn't as big after my Dec. cleanup lol
  30. Awww cool! Guess everyone is busy, busy getting deals! LOL
    Have a great weekend!
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