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  1. We interrupt programming for this important public service announcement:

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day
  3. Thanks for the cute food fight rep! Hope you have a great week
  4. Oh no! Did you get a sunburn? I'm super fair-I can literally be outside for 5 mins on a sunny day & be burned to a crisp---even 50 SPF doesn't seem to do much for me...hubby says I'm so pale I glow in the dark! haha
  5. I think I need to buy SPF 1000, for whatever astronauts use when they get to close to the sun.
  6. hahaha, funny picture! Story of my life!
  7. LOL!!! Way too cute!!!!
  8. LOL Love the Cactus!!!!
  9. lol that was a lot of "reps" in one sentence! haha
    My weekend was good...worked sunday, monday but spent most of it relaxing outdoors at work so it worked out well
  10. Haha, probably because you repped me recently and you need to spread your rep before you can rep me again. Ok, I just typed "rep" way too many times.

    My long weekend was nice. Got some sun (truth be told, a little TOO much) and spent it relaxing. How was yours?
  11. Grrrrr---why does it never let me rep you!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for the rep!! How was your long weekend?
  12. Thanks so much for the rep/cute pic! Hope you are having a wonderful week thus far
  13. Love the fishies! Thanks for the rep! It never lets me rep you back though....GRrrrrr
  14. haha...I think my fav game as a kid was hungry hungry hippos...... I still never pass up the opportunity to play!
  15. Happy Saturday! Hope your weekend is going well
  16. hahaha! You always send the funniest things!
  17. Happy Easter
  18. We should try and push a law through legislation that mandates all hula hooping male babies must wear protection -- like helmets, LOL!
  19. hahahaha....that pic you sent me is just too funny!!!!!!
  20. Thanks for the cute valentine's post Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day
  21. Happy new year!! Wishing you lots of savings for 2010!
  22. Merry Christmas! Hope Santa was good to you this year!!!
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