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  1. I'm laughing out loud here.

    What's also another "big enough beast" is the resolve insanity on the boards. That one certainly doesn't need any more awareness. Hahaha!

    Have a nice weekend.
  2. HAHAHAHA funny you should ask. I draw the line at coupon zone coupons!!! lol This thing is a big enough beast without them and there's too much to remember already. NO COUPON ZONE!!!
  3. It's all about the caffeine on my trains lol. Even the Holly had too much coffee
  4. I save my candies to give out at birthdays, yours is a little late because birthdays totally outnumber candies earned!
  5. LOL gaining recognition my @$$.

    Thanks for looking that up. I guess it's their discount boxed card subsidiary.
  6. Oh! They do have something to do with Hallmark afterall:
  7. Well they are still beautiful cards and a great price, but I thought the only brand of card Hallmark carried was Hallmark. Very strange indeed! Dollarama! lol
  8. My mom always finds something to say, she could probably be BFFs with your mom from the sounds of it. LOL

    Nope, no Hallmark, not anywhere. Craziness, right? I mean they are pretty and all, maybe this is a brand that Hallmark carries?

    One of my friends on here bought some individual cards for me (after I ran out of there in a hurry). I think I'm gonna PM her and ask what they say on the back... it had better not be "Dollarama"!

  9. That's why I made the Snack Pack comment! lol I was laughing so hard when I saw you asked for the links. I like your style lol.

    Haha! My mom is also Mrs. Buzzkill First time she met my bf, who is FANTASTIC to me, I asked her what she thought afterward, thinking there was nothing negative she could say. Wrong! She comes out with, "He could use a haircut." OMG lol

    Don't the cards say Hallmark on them in the pics you posted, or have the symbol on the packaging or something?! That's madness!
  10. Ahaha! Have you considered that maybe not sending the right stuff is the norm and we are the exception, the anti-bodies messing with their system?

    I know I speak up, usually because I am pi$$ed off! I wrote you right away last time and prepared you for any fallout, thankfully there was none. Not that I wasn't prepared to go at it if there was.

    Ah, haullmark, was more like hellmark, but fun. You know what's the funniest thing about all that? I was showing my mom the cards tonight and I said, hey mom not bad for $1 each for hallmark cards eh.

    To which she replied "well that's because they aren't hallmark"... so I took a closer look. Who the heck is Image Arts??

    That's my mom, Mrs. Buzzkill, BUT I can't believe I didn't notice they weren't actually "Hallmark" products!
  11. thanks for the rep! Nice haul from you got from "Haulmark" lol. With the vwts, i just wonder though how many people didn't get exactly what was on their list, but never said anything to me, or never say anything. I've gotten coupons that make me go "huh?" lol, but I never say anything. I just think talking about it will hopefully make people be a little more aware of what they are sending. On my last one, someone sent another person 3 Smart Bread coupons that expired Sept 30th lol. I caught it, and I replaced them with 3 that expired in November.
  12. Hello I forgot to specify no french. I'd have better luck using an invisible coupon lol
  13. Happy Thanksgiving!
  14. No, just WM... just want to buy bodywash! Is all. Grrr....

  15. You gonna rob a bank with that avatar?! lol
  16. I think you forgot your tradelist and wishlist links.
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