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  1. Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. Ok, sounds good. If you see local Toronto offers like that definitely don't hesitate to PM me and let me know if you want any.
  3. I got lucky, my MIL works right by a skytrain station and brought me over 3 copies! I think I'm set lol, now just have to find some in stores. Thanks though, that is so nice of you to offer!
  4. Did you find the FPC coffee coupons or would you like an envie sent your way?
  5. Happy Mother's Day!
  6. Haha! Thanks for the rep!

    Yeah, I was having a "don't-mess-with-me" morning at No Frills.

  7. It's in the mail

    A very merry Christmas to you and your family, Bugga.

  8. You are so awesome! I would love a couple. I think they are on sale at walmart for boxing day, and possibly combined with the one and PM at LD would make it like $1! Even if it doesn't get here before that ends I'll find a good deal somewhere. Thank you!!!
  9. I'll send out the $2 Olay if you can use them, no need to send me anything, they expire on the 13th so let me know soon.
  10. I found him! It took me awhile, but I'm a little bit blind, lol. My trees all plastic. DS is Mr. Destructo! No, you didn't send me any olay??? Is that a good one?
    I put your envie in the mail yesterday, so should be there soon I hope!
  11. Did I send you any of the Olay coupons??
  12. Thanks, did you notice that I have Stewie from Family guy in the tree as well?

    And yeah, pretty sure it's the MIR.
  13. Lovely tree! Quite festive!
    That would make sense about the MIR's. Doy!
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