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  1. thanks for the rep : ) Miss chatting with you!
  2. Sorry to hear about your job : ( I miss chatting with you thats what I was thinking the other day how we always had such nice easy trades and always chattted seems like at times there isn't as many people on here like that lol. Hope to see you around more...
  3. Oh I am very afraid of those ziploc monsters! Hope all is well I do miss you!
  4. Haha! More like I'm afraid of ziplocks getting me in my sleep.
  5. little birdy in the Toronto thread spilled the beans lol
  6. How'd you know it was my birthday?
  7. butbutbut

  8. I am not good enough to pay full price
  9. Let me go check for a coupon for tissue first! LOL
  10. It is ok I understand HONK!!!Tissue?
  11. Still love you, just so freakin' busy these days!

  12. Drowning is work so less on SC these days.

    Thanks for checking in on me though.

    Hope you're doing well!
  13. Havn't heard from you in a long time you still over there?

  14. I havn't received the Shoppers flyer in 2 weeks!!!!
  15. Miss talking to you too! I've been busy with work lately so not around too much. And when I was around I was mostly in Anne's train thread.

    But I should be around more closer to the holidays. Tonight I've been stalking the SDM flyer section - I am having dreams about redemption day.
  16. Thanks so much Will look at it in the morning Miss talking to you we never seem to chat anymore!!! Just a reminder if you need anything off my tradelist just ask and you shall receive!!!
  17. This one is pretty too!

  18. Hi Kim!!

    Try this link!!

    It has all kinds of Christmas pics you can use. Let me know if you need help.
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