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  1. Then you can ask me to edit the feedback, but you can't leave her a negative when she did uphold her end of the train.
    In general, the conductor will offer to send someone a replacement envie not leave them a negative.
    That being said, she did not receive and so is allowed to leave a negative, even if the note about no one receiving is removed
  2. I understand if you don't agree - that's just my point of view. If I were to receive something, even extremely late - I would be honest in a feedback.
  3. Her feedback stated no one received anything, on her "negative feedback". Everyone now has, and I feel she should reiterate that they were late, not "never received", as this makes it close to impossible to trade - or to join a train, even though I've never had negative feed back riding a train or straight up trading. It was rude to say "not buying her story". I feel she have made it clear after the matter that they were received, very late, so that it's actually truth, and not assumtions.
  4. I have removed the rating you left for Abbey B. - it is not a legitimate reason for leaving a negative when there were issues with your train
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