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  1. hey i have lots of those pet coupon inserts but if you have any baby coupons? 5$ similac coupons/cheques, 5$ or 10$ enfamil coupons/cheques or irish spring coupons
    any grocery coupons really , b3G1 knorr sidekicks are good as well
    let me know what you have
  2. Will you trade your:
    ** background:#8AA6A0;">Tylenol Body Pain NIGHT 5$ exp Apr 30/12**

    As many as you have for:
    i have no pet ones that are not from smartsource, but I do have about 10 from the special edition pet flyer: Pedigree BOGO, Cesar B2G2, Temptations B2G1, Natural Defence $5off, $3 off, $2.50 off... let me know which ones you need more details for.

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