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  1. I have had so many problems with the Dougal WalMart that I don't even go there anymore. They have so many rules about the printed coupons. They accused me of photo copying them since I had 2 the same. I showed her that the ID numbers were different and she refused to listen. They also told me that you can only pricematch 4 items. Crazy, I just went to Amherstburg WalMart and pricematched 20 and they didn't care. Good Luck with all your couponing. It is both fun and exciting ...always searching for the next great deal!!!!
  2. Thanks for the advice about using coupons/price matching at SS on Walker. So far I've had good luck at both SS on Dougall and Walmart on Dougall. A friend recently told me that SS (which I thought would price match unlimited items) was going to limit PM to 10 items per transaction. I plan to ask the cashier during my next visit. Appreciate your suggestion!
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