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  1. oh no doubt they look at you as a mother figure. you dont hear of a man having the kids over the mom to many times but good for you guys!!! playing mommy is cute. but im sure it isnt cute actually doing it being busy with all of them! Its a good thing that you coupon!!! You guys should do a big family xmas picture. i know pics are awful but it could be for memories. I think you look great! and if you can straighten your hair with 10 kids theres no reason i cant with 2 lol.
    oh i thought of you today when i was walking around shoppers... not in a creepy way. was just looking at straightners. i forget there brand but they were on sale for like 35.ish. im not sure if I should try it for now until i can get a chi ehehehehe. if there return policy is good then i might on the next 20X
  2. My kids are with us 100% of the time, my hubby's kids go to their moms every other 12 out of 14 days we have all ten. I say "play mommy" alot because I'm not all of their mom, but more or less am since I'm the one raising them the majority of the time, since they're here with me most of the time :D
  3. I like how you started with the play " mommy". wow! you must be a very busy mommy!!! Do you guys have 10 in the house all the time? I am no longer with my kids father ... thank god mine are with him usually every other weekend and tuesday and thursday nights. gives me a bit of a break.
  4. I play "mommy" to 10... My hubby and I each had 4 kids coming into the marriage, that we both have custody of, and then we had 2 kids together... our oldest is 11 (12 at xmas) and the youngest is 2 months
  5. How many kids do you have? I have 2. boy 9 girl 7. Sneeky sneeky dh lol. I also hate pics with a passion. I have packed on the pounds. I feel everything just goes on my belly ughhhh. I look at food gain 10 pounds lol. I recently found out that I have "pcos'. That can make you heavy. Not that im blaiming that but it sure doesnt help. I miss my skinny body : (
  6. it was my huby, he knows i hate having my picture taken, so he does it when he can...even if that means I'm sleeping. I like this pic because it shows me relaxing with my son as a nb, and yet doesnt show off all the weight I've gained from the pregnancies
  7. You know I never noticed your baby in this pic LOL!!!

    Who took the pic of you napping?
  8. Thanx for the rep... and yes I am having a nap... Im curled up on the couch in my robe with my baby tucked into the robe with me :D
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