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  1. Ha ha ha ha, yeah I think that was an ancient rep....we must have been talking about Target or Target blues. lol
    I was actually on my way for a pop over the border to get a fix. My car was pointed in that direction and everything. But then I talks some sense into myself since I am down to my last $80 til Friday and I knew that would put me in a situation to spend it all and barely make it to the weekend.....or god forbid have to pick and choose what comes home with me from there instead of just havinga free for all. LOL You just KNOW that that would be the time that all my favorite stuff happens to be on clearance or something.
  2. Ha ha - I'm so bad at checking my messages, it's not even funny - BTS = Back to School. I have some Christmas gifts left to donate to the Toy Mountain too....and then I don't want to think about how low my stash will have become then! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  3. No sign of the coin sorter here on the West Coast, lol. This will always make me think of you.
    I keep my eyes out, JUST in case.
  4. I need to figure out how to see Reps from Tapatalk - apparently I have lots! Yikes! And is this the best way to respond to those? Thanks for your help!!
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