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  1. Merry Christmas

  2. Happy Valentine's Day...

  3. NEVER be "Sorry"... especially when there is no Call for it!!!!
    I Like it when You Vent as it gives me an Insight to Strength.

  4. THANK You for the Birthday Wishes!!!!
    My Wish is for You and Your Family to have a Wonderful, PEACEFUL Year.
    You Deserve it!!!!
  5. THANK You, my Friend!!!!
  6. Hi there, my Friend.
    I Hope I find You and the Family Well and in "better" Spirit.
  7. THANK You for the Update!!!!
    It is truely appreciated!!!!
    I understand how painful it is for You and Your Family.
    I am afraid that it probably will be for a while, but that is what makes us Human. Be Well. Be there for Your Family and we'll be here for You.
  8. Hiya Wolfie....well, everyone is just going thru the motions here, disbelief is still a big part in everyone's life....I talked to a couple of family members in Scotland, and apparently everyone is a mess over there as well..... bro had been over about 3 years ago for an aunt an uncle's 50th, first visit since we came here in 67, and had a blast meeting everyone...he told my aunt that he used to get annoyed as hell that I would go on and on about Scotland after the many visits I made, but now having been there, he sooo got where I was coming from.....he said he would be back, but who would have foreseen it being like this??.... his 4 kids and probably myself and my sister will go back next spring with his ashes and scatter them where my mum's are...that'll be one tough day....TR
  9. THANKS for the Rep!!!!
    How are You and The Family holding up, my Friend?
  10. Previously Posted... this is for you, my Friend...

  11. My Pleasure, my Friend.
    How was your Weekend?
  12. A Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to You, my Friend!!!!

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