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  1. ​Happy Christmas to you and yours hicks
  2. Hope your weekend is going well for you and yours
  3. Gonna watch soccer and count snowflakes over the weekend
  4. Without smokes ?
    I never stopped. I just wheel up to the sliding back door, and lean out.
  5. ​Thanx for all the reps & likes. Hope you're healing well.
  6. ​thank you
  7. Sending healing vibes; prayers and wishes for Jake's recovery
  8. The very best for 2015 to you and yours. Be good to yourself = healthy and happy.
  9. I wish you & your family a very Merry Christmas, & a happy, healthy new year.

  10. I couldn't stand another day of it
  11. Awe, thanks Jester.
  12. Thanx for all the reps - my likes button is fine; but my rep button seems not to function. Please accept my mental version
  13. Welcome home from Fla - hope it was all you wanted it to be and you came back healthy & rested
  14. Love the sun & heat, but no, not really. My back's gotten much worse. I'm having treatment 4 X / wk, in hope that'll improve. That's why I haven't been posting much. Either not home, or in bed. Feel bad for Jake, but I do my best. Good luck with all the home work.
  15. Hi there hicks and Jake - hope you're enjoying the summer
  16. Wishing you and Jake a lovely long w/end
  17. ​In answer to your question, Yes.
  18. Belated congratz on your latest blue addition hicks
  19. No picture hicks; but happy new ear to you and yours
  20. Good afternoon. No plans, except for my shift @ the zoo. Enjoy the garden. It WILL be nice out. Positive thinking.
  21. Young lady. Thank you. I think I'm in love.
  22. oh, it was DEFINITELY a dance dance; put on by CKDO, a Durham oldies radio station & it was fantastic; sat down once 2 eat, otherwise danced for 4 hours
  23. Thanks Jester. Just been SOOOO busy with renos & medical issues. Pop in when I have a few min.
    I hope ur day is going well.
  24. thanks Jester; I did feel bad though
  25. robbed - lol - I did, slept 4 about 5 1/2 hrs, hope I can sleep 2 night
  26. cute thanks; I hope u have a great week
  27. Yeh !! about 4 inches
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