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  1. Happy belated my friend. I have been well and busy but I have married, moved and retired in just under a year..Its been a wild ride!!!
  2. thank you Jester.. its gonna be a long hard road ahead, but nothing more than anyone else would have to go through..
  3. Sorry I missed both big events.. happy b lated and retirement.. I've been so busy at my new gym that I don't even get on the computer at night.. training for a fudraiser Niagara's grapes of wrath.. it will be a tough fun lovin muddy good time..he he he
  4. sorry i missed was a busy day back to work yesterday
  5. giant is a classic rock station from Welland.. easy to qualify, you still have to be picked..My neice texts me when the boarding call had been announced... he he he
  6. I will hewp

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