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  1. A good spring mornin' to you D
  2. have a great day
  3. Good morning hope you have a wonderful easter weekend
  4. yeap!! lol
  5. If you went over the moon that many times you must have caught a glimpse of uranus
  6. i have gone over the moon three or four times last night..
  7. good morning! have a great day
  8. Good morning and have a fantastic weekend
  9. morning..ugly out there be careful driving
  10. have a good morning
  11. good morning
  12. have a great day
  13. wishing you a wonderful weekend with your family
  14. have a great day
  15. Good morning and Happy Valentine's Day
  16. morning
  17. lol!! it was fun
  18. I thought that was you - you have such a bright infectious personality.
    Way to start the new year Daniella
  19. Happy new years!!!
  20. good morning happy hump day and happy belated on your anniversary..NICE
  21. good morning!! Happy Halloween! have a great day
  22. thanks i win alot but i also play alot...but still no trip. thats my goal l
  23. yeah your right!! im on the air so many times and every time im on im always excited. lol
    !!! i could never be that calm like she was. very business like and to the point..even when she won she was pretty calm!!
  24. That gal was all business - talk about focus $10 GRAND yowza!
  25. GOOD MORNING!!!! did you hear $10,000 winner. sweet
  26. good morning..have a wonderful day
  27. happy tuesday!! best of luck today on the cash track..
  28. good morning..good luck today on the cash track
  29. Really I didn't even no about the points.. I remember you .. You won the car right?
  30. your welcome..i wish i could be a little quicker though..still trying to figure out how all this all works..
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