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  1. ​Happy furry Christmas to you and yours ecat

  2. I don't know if I won the draw yet, don't think they will pick any winners until at least tomorrow - the money for the draw tickets went to a good cause so that's a good thing! (CAMH)

    Take Care!
  3. Best wishes to you!
  4. Nice to share your Turkish delight - albeit vicariously. Hope the time slows down for you now - enjoy! Then a safe trip home.
  5. Happiness to you my friend!

    Have a Happy Birthday!
  6. I continue to enjoy your positive messages/posts. Congratulations on your recent pairings = 2 gold & 2 blues. Very pretty
  7. Thanks for the good wishes Jester!!! Actually it's my daughter and I that are going! We've gone on quite a few vacations together. Looking forward to the warm weather, beautiful beach and being wined and dined!!! Take care!
  8. Happy V Day Jester!

    and please give Baxter a hug from me!
  9. Thank you. Can't seem to give you a rep but wanted to say thank you so much for signing that last petition I put up, as I'm sure you must realize those poor poor pigs need all the bloody help they can get and that is an understatement!!!!! thanks again - every bit helps.

    and thanks for the congrats every win is a good win - at least that's how I feel!!!! take care my friend!
  10. Wishing you the best of the season Jester! Take care!

  11. Thank you so much for continuing to vote for the H.S. Jester!!! Sure wish everyone else would too!!! It is important and it is also free so why not? Take Care!
  12. Your not kidding the Stones tickets are ridiculous!!! I was just looking around at different places selling them and they have "tongue pit" tickets for $3,000 each and up!!! and floors for around $700 each and up. To sit in the 300 section will cost you at least $175. I have no interest in sitting way up there where you barely see anything. I'd like to be there but geez no wonder they haven't sold out. Your right at this stage they really should be more reasonable to their fans, they say the show costs a lot but comon!!!
  13. Hope you have a great Birthday Jester - All my best wishes to you!

  14. Season's Greetings Jester - hope you have a good one!
  15. Enjoy Jester!!! Have a great time!!!

  16. a pleasure to meet you today Jester and thanx again for the puddy items - very kind of you!!! Hope you enjoy the weekend - I'm hoping for no rain tomorrow!!!
  17. my daughter is basically okay just shocked like everyone else, I'm glad she didn't know this girl personally (she was in the next grade up) don't know what drove her to do something so final but the funeral was yesterday - can you imagine....and her parents must be going nuts...geez...she must have been on the way to school and then decided to end it all right there..
  18. My best wishes to you this holiday season Jester!
  19. Well, I don't know about being a natural but luck was certainly on my side today for the first game in more than a year and before that I was a beginner!!! I don't expect it to last!

    Glad you feel the same way about the zoo's etc. That poor lion from the T.O. Zoo just died after a lot of year's in captivity and he had 3 sons in there only to be left to live in captivity too!!! Great life for a lion eh - take a few steps and step back!!!! I tell you if I only had a couple of wishes that would come true that type of thing would Never Ever happen again!!!!! Sometimes I can't stand people (well, certain ones!!!).....
  20. Hi! Yeah, I guess July 2012 will come around quicker than we think, but I still feel a little down with all the festivities being over, I always look forward to the four days of straight music every year. Well there are still some things to look forward to this summer, but I know they will go by fast! Hope your enjoying yours!
  21. Your welcome, thanks for the thanks!!! Have a good weekend Jester!
  22. Ya hoo to the start of your vacation time!!!! I hope you really enjoy it which I'm sure you will given the weather!!!! Are you going or doing anything special Jester?
  23. Happily counting down to Wednesday aft when my vacation starts-yay!!
  24. I was trying to puzzle out how to attach photos to the reply to show you our 2 chi's; but unable to see how to do it. To answer your question we had the 19 year old from a pup and the 8 year old was adopted and we only had him for 2 years. We have a friend in Inverary who, out of the goodness of her huge heart takes in older or paliative care dogs and gives them a quality remainder of life while feeding them with natural foods and supplementing with herbs (Sheba's Haven). I expect we'll get another, one or two; but we have a cople of trips planned in the next while and want towait until we can devote 100% of our time to new "family" Let me know if there's a way of posting pix if you know how. Have a good w/end.
  25. OMG two of your doggies within the same long had you had them, did you have the 19 year old that long and the 8 year old, no matter that is really sad, I'm sorry, I think the biggest problem having a pet is if something happens to them how sad a day that will be.....never mind anything else!
  26. Evelyn, we lost both of our chihuahuas within the same year, one (age 19) through old age and the other, who we'd adopted not 2 years before died (age 8) from blood cancer. We think we'll never get over the grief and loss and yet we have so many happy memories of their love and mischief. We can always find a tear escaping when we least expect it and that's okay too-there is no time limit for grieving.
    Nice sharing. Have a good night.
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