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  1. Thanks so much again Jester!! I really do love it!!
  2. Enjoy your new avatar - salud!
  3. Yes... It was a Mac's milk.. Very sad. My daughter recently read her book and suggested that I do the same. Barbara was quite an inspiring woman.
  4. Welcome home holiday gal
  5. Thanks Jester!! I think your 3rd gold is around the corner too!!!

    Say hi to the Kween for me!!
  6. for your 3 gold hearts Lee - congratulations
  7. You are most welcome for "Like" 4444!! I wasn't able to "Like" your visitor message though...
  8. Thanx Lee for like # 44444
    Yes I like numbers as well as words!
  9. Thanks Jester! I'm looking forward to getting up to the boat and I hope the weather cooperates for us.... it's going to be a w*rking vacation (the boat needs to be painted.... )
  10. Enjoy your well deserved week away. Try and take pix of the super moon for us city dwellers.
  11. Pretty selection of hearts Lee. Congrats on your latest blue addition
  12. Thanks again Jester
  13. Still sending prayers for your friend
  14. Thanks very much for the congrats and all the reps to get me the double gold!!! You're the best Jester!!
  15. Congrats on being smoke free for so long too!!! Feels good, doesn't it???

    No, we're back to w*rk on Monday.... My son and his fiancee will be here next week... at least the weather is supposed to be nice for them.... good luck again tomorrow on the yard sale!!!
  16. Thanks so much for the rep!! I am so far behind in repping - I hope to get caught up this week-end... Today was also my mom's birthday. She would have turned 90 today - born in 1923. She passed away in November 2004. It's very ironic that my two great nieces were born on my mom's birthday and one of my great nephews was born on my dad's birthday - Nov 3.... Not bad.... 3 out of 8 born on their great grand parent's birthdays... I think it's very cool....
  17. Dr.'s office is in Whitby - we live in Mississauga
  18. Kim asked for caller 7 to answer "What month is mentioned in a Blue Rodeo Album title".... I was caller 4 first and called back... Caller 7 didn't get it so they kept going until it was me... I have no idea how many "wrong" answers they had, but the right answer was July. Everyone else kept answering May... (after the song "5 days in May) I can't believe I got through again for a second chance!!!
  19. Hey Jester... no... when I rep, I start at the most current page and I work back through the pages and rep everyone that I can.... I think we need to rep 20 people before we can rep the same person again, so I rep away and see who I can get.... it takes me a little while, but I keep going until I can rep no more... I've been really busy lately, so it's been a while since I was able to rep last... glad I was able to get you twice!!
  20. Thanks so much for the congrats!! I still can't believe it!!!
  21. lol... the bunkie is the bedroom (upstairs) at the top of the boat. Thanks for the rep!!
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