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  1. thank you for your message of concern..a bit of a full plate here...hence my absence - sure could use your wisdom and spiritual support. take care my friend
  2. you are a very kind person - wishing you a wonderous day
  3. I knew Kevin through work for the past 7 years - such a gentle kind man
  4. Thanks for asking after me - how very thoughtful - meanwhile - just getting caught up and it sounds like you have been in a nightmare - am so sorry to hear about the plumbing - whats happening now?
    Take Care
  5. Merry Christmas to you and your kween

  6. Thank you Jester - totally appreciate your help
  7. Thank you Jester - totally appreciate your help
  8. Thank you kind sir Hope you ar enjoying your week.
    we are heading to the cottage Friday for the week - great getting the rain today - plants are happy happy happy
  9. TY for your rep...yes I agree a good clean game tonight is in order - with a Canuck win of course...cheers
  10. TY for the rep .........have a great day
  11. jsut getting you geared up for the weekend hunt Cheers
  12. Wow I wasn't even on a hunt and look at this nest of goodoies - tanx much. Have a happy Easter too.
  13. thanx McSkier, have a GR8 w/end
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