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  1. nice to see your furry face - hope you're well
  2. Hi there, my Friend...
    I See that Later this Month will be Your 3rd Anniversary as an SC'er.
    Where did the Time Go?
    Just want to Say, "THANKS!!!!" for Being such an Entertainer with Your Posts!!!!
  3. Big kudos on your 3rd smoke-free anniversary. We are proof that this thing can be beaten successfully.
  4. Hi there, my Friend.
    No, not w*rking too hard.
    I get Called in for 2-3 Hours, which Include OT & Mileage, so it is Worth While for me.
    THANKS for the Concern!!!!
  5. Our Christmas has been great thanx. Not going back to work until Jan 3rd so a nice mini-vacation going on here. Hope you, your family & friends all had a great time and are enjoying good health. All the best for 2012 my friend.
  6. That is Most EXCELLENT, my Friend!!!!
    Keep up the Great W*rk!!!!
    I gets Easier.
  7. This is day # 11
  8. Ouch!! That would be the pits
  9. You're welcome
  10. THANK You, my Friend!!!!
  11. Back at ya Mister
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