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  1. Ticky u rock!!!!!
  2. Something I learned in the military NS, keep yer trap shut or be prepared to be volunteered for something.

    lol lol
  3. OMG ticky, LMFAO.....Queen of Bullshyt, ROFLMAO......
  4. Hey Ticky Wicky (have to gag the dd later) you know the cats ass you got there I am seeing ass now all the time....U have managed to knock me so off my wagon...
  5. Here ticky wicky I got ya this: Use at your erummm discretion...LOL.

  6. First I see the new sign LMAO, then u and petiite making sexual comments...HEHHEHEHEHHEHE

    What u takin, i'll have to make sure I dont' take any, may casue a issue here.

    anyhoo, i got more sign comments do you have a website hwere you can get something for them...
  7. ty sweety HUGS!!!
  8. Nm Ticky I got it. TY TY TY TY. SMMMMOCHIES!!!!
  9. I hears ya!

    What kind of siggie do you want?? Like sexy, or dragon or fairy etc etc
  10. Hey darling. WOW damn, your getting hit. I have been having mental health emergencys with loved ones...for months...Driving me ape. Well let's hope the brid crap falls on the next vehicle soon. HUGS!!!
  11. Ohhhh ticky....where is that tiny url thing for the signy requests? I think it may be time... However iw ant to be able to ad text tooo..So my links for voting cna be there. LMK.
  12. Thanks Aphena (((hugs))))
  13. Hey hon. Wanted to leave you a message in this horrible time for you and send you my blessings, you need me I am here, even if it's to talk... BIG HUGS!!!!
  14. I am LMAO at taht one. LOL.
  15. you may like this one too

  16. steal away!!
  17. OMG!!! Your ava is killing me LOL. I is gonna steal it....kidding. Missed ya woman.
  18. I am stopping in to say that uhhhh, well, i got suprise for you and soon......
  19. Thanks so much for your support (((((((((hugs)))))))))))))
  20. BIg Blessings and Hugs doll...I am here if u need me.
  21. Forgot to ad i am plotting revenge now, adn it's goona be hard and rough.
  22. guess what ns did? She goes and sends me another personal pleasure tool. Nwo i got two... WTF?
  23. Thank you you personal pleasure giver! YEAH BABY!!!
  24. ty Tickywikki hehehehhe, forgive me my head is not here. LOL.
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