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  1. Things are a little nuts here with oldest son going to graduate this year, and jake turns 17 next month so he is all excited. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers honey. If you need someone to talk to I am always here. HUGS.
  2. Hi seek, as good as can be. My dad is doing really bad. He can no longer talk, sit up, walk, has been on a feeding tube for the last 11 days, so it's not looking good.
    The test came back for my cousin, no cancer in the limph nodes, so that is great news and she has started the radiation treatment to kill any missed cells in her breast. She is still very depressed and overwhelmed though, but we have a strong family of women that will help her come through this.

    How is everything with you?
  3. good morning tick. I hope all is going well with you.
  4. ah I bet kizzie would like him. She is my angel baby. I never had a chi that loved me so much. She is kinda red where it shows yellow lol. But she is a doll. Has wonderful attitude doesnt like strangers tho. lol.
  5. Sonny, my current avatar is a Pomchi, part pomeranian, part chi. Your furbaby is adorable!
  6. I love my new siggy. Your the greatest!!
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