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  1. Hey!! Its been awhile...Hope your having a good summer!! Life's been crazy lately but slowing down now lol , drop me a note soon!
  2. Chris just wanted me to let you know that he got everything fixed up at SDM today and the posting is changed in the thread! As for SP, I did mine last night and I think I won 20 points! WOO HOO! Started doing Chris' but ran out of time. In comparison, I have over 3,00o points on Ipsos I Say surveys, which can be cashed in for a $30 American Express Gift Card. Chris only has about 1,200 because he cashed in over 3,000 in 2010 to get the AE gift cards! So they do build up pretty good, if you are interested in doing them, I can refer you. Some take some time but others are rather quick. The points you get depend on the time it takes to answer the surveys.
  3. Hey forgot to mention in my PM, can you send me the user name for the SC'er who's DH did the site? She still has not answered my PM from last time so I am still not getting expiring coupon emails! Thanx.
  4. Oh yeah Superpoints, the things I have not done in like ummmm 2 weeks maybe?? *LOL* Right now I have steam coming out of my ears! I bought $150 worth of SDM GC by debit and $150 with my Canadian Tire Credit Card... well I only got 8,000 points while Chris got 16,000!!!! FRIGGGGGGGGGING!

    But I did notice in the thread that someone used their SDM MC and got the points, so what is the difference? I used a MasterCard too!!!!

    Don't know what to do.... phone HO???? Argue that same point with them????

    I applied this week for a SDM MC, not sure if I will get it or not since I am only part time at work... maybe I will though! All they can do is say no!!!
  5. Hey guys!! Time to do your SuperPoints!! I'm soooo close to another GC!! haha
    Been busy lately & going to mom's on the weekend to start our Christmas baking!! Spent $50 at Bulk barn, omg!! lol but will taste yummy!!
    I also sold 10 gift baskets at $12 each so that was nice!!
    ttys & have a great weekend!!
  6. Sure I will send you the BP thermometer coupon & booklet!! Cheap way to get 10,000 BP!!
  7. Sorry I forgot to add in the pm, you cand send the bp coupon for the thermometer. I looked the other night and there were no books at the pharmacy. I will have to look next time I go in and see how much they are, hopefully they are still $11.99 or so!!!!
  8. Glad the link worked for you! the GW coupons are great to have!
    Sorry to hear Chris is having a hard time...good thing for him to get some help...its a tough time he has had...Hope things look up for him soon!
  9. Tried the link, it worked for me too! Had to set up two new accounts for our neew email addresses though, our passwords would not work. Chris is in bed now. He had a very bad day today and him and I exchanged some words. He is calling to see if he can get some counselling tomorrow. He is starting to get depressed again I think. Even more then he was before. I am off to bed too soon. TTYL
  10. I think its dropped off the blog now..but try the hidden link thread for the GW coupons...& then you can add on others too if you need!

    Off to bed...long day!!
  11. No didn't try the link, it is in the blog right??? Will go try again. I just printed the one that is on the page.
  12. Did you try the link for the GW $5wub3 coupon??? I can't order anymore If I get some i will let you know!!
  13. Found the GW coupon, thanks! It is only a $1 off though!!! I want the $5 off WUB3 and then have someone have it on sale! Come on! I know that you can find them!!!! *LOL*
  14. Check the Blog page & scroll down for the GW post..there is a link for websaver & a printable!! to WM
  15. Okay I sent out some email invites along with a personal email to each person I invited so they don't wonder WTF? when they see the invite... hopefully some will join!

    Chris came up with the idea to change the email address back to mine, so I did that. I then sent him an invite to his email. Somehow it recognized that it was the same browser clicking the invite, so we switched to Google Chrome and it worked that time. To get around the one per household, he used our neighbours address and a different phone number.

    Then he played the button game and after a few spins, won a 75 point bonus and a invite code that will give him 75 more points for each. So his signature has changed on here with the new code! Unfortunately, he does not have many on his email list to invite but we shall try the few that he does have! He is almost caught up to me in just one shot on the button!!! *LOL*
  16. Superpoints update: Chris checked his email, won 5 points. Went and did the super points button, won a total of 12 points. We are now up to 171 points! This is gonna take forever!

    I will have to try something else to get more friends to join up!!!
  17. LOL at your message! Check your PM Box!
  18. Hey!!
    The games not over til its over!!

    Well, I watched some of the game but fell asleep during the 5th inning i think, omg!!!!! I was so tired from cleaning all day!! dam!! lol

    Hope you don't spend all your SDM points, wink wink....
    ttys off to bed soon!!
  19. Saw th Gillette promo, filled it out, no surveys available! Looks like I missed another one!

    If you read my PM to you, you will see I said you had no response to the Cards winning, I wrote that before I saw your visitors message below!!!
  20. Check the blog for the FREE Gillette razor promo on Facebook~~
  21. Good Morning!! I must have ESP, lol I kept saying to BF last night that the Cardinals would make a comeback & hit a homer to win the kidding!!! Wow, what a first it was like watching the Bad News Bears, haha with all the Errors lol But they settled down finally...must be nerve wracking

    That would be great if you can get your trailer sold & pay for the roof repairs Good Luck!!

    I finally got my Oasis OJ x2 at WM...gotta love price matching...picked up a few things we needed $47.xx - coupons= $12.92 oop!!
    Tell Chris I will send him my SDM # as the Cardinals are gonna go all the way tonight!!! haha Have a great day & weekend!!
    Oh too bad for the SuperPoints...keep trying!! they will come!!
  22. Just did my Super Clicks for the day..... 30 spins= NOTHING!!!!! NOT EVEN ONE SINGLE FREAKING POINT!!! NADA, ZIP, ZERO, ZILCH!!!!

    *Just the way my day has been going I guess*
  23. **PART 2** LOL

    What to do tonight... Baseball, Leafs, Baseball, Leafs.... clicker finger gonna be sore!! *LOL*

    Speaking of sore, Chris is sore and stiff today (probably the weather). He had to break down and take a Dilaudid for the first time in months!

    On a brighter note, a couple came by and looked at our trailer for sale and seemed very interested. The wife knew Chris from therapy! Hopefully they will buy it and that will pay for the roof right there!

    GL on your Oasis OJ!!

    GO RANGERS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Hey! Well it's 4:40 pm and they are still working away on the roof! A quick fix would solve nothing. It has to be fixed right once and for all... Might go see some of the neighbours and see if they have had similar issues... maybe all of us can go after the builder together! Strength in numbers! LOL

    Too funny about you running back and forth to WM. I actually got a rain check a while ago when they were out of the water on sale. First time getting a RC at the Wal Mart in Brantford!!! There is no expiry on it and Chris checked last Saturday and still no water, so we will hang onto it for a while yet. Metro had it on for like 40 cents more so he grabbed 4 cases there instead! TO BE CONTINUED
  25. Don't bet on it!! The Cardinals are gonna pull off a win tonight at home!! Guess we will see tonight, lol

    Oh, I haven't seen your siggy around SC lately, lol so will check it out, haha

    Wow, that sucks about your roof Its always some darn thing eh!! There goes all your coupon savings!!! Maybe they can patch it up til springtime!!

    Going to WM later to get my hands on the Oasis OJ that NF has NO stock for....been there 3x & none there!! I gave the manager a piece of my mind last night, haha Waste of time going there sometimes!!

    Anyway...hope your day gets better!! ttys
  26. Should be a ball game tonight they said this morning! Then I can send you my SDM # when the Rangers hoist the trophy tonight in St Louis!!! *LOL*

    There is a link to SP in my signature!!! Don't you read things anymore??? *LOL*

    Have a good day! Mine got ruined early when the guys came to fix our garage roof and discovered the entire roof is rotted because the builder did a s*****y job when he built the house! Now the whole friggin thing has to be replaced! Actually the whole house will need a new roof but cannot afford that!!! I am so friggin teed off right off right now! Anyhow, have a great day!
  27. Hey!! Yeah, its takes awhile to get some friends onboard or some Scers for SuperPoints...but if you can get a few that will do it regularly they will add up fast!! I ordered 2x $5 gc this week & one friend won 300 & 50 sp today so that gave me a boost, lol
    If you put the invite link in your siggy that may help too!!
    I was all set to watch the ball game & then it was postponed, damn it!! Darn rain, enough already!!
  28. Thanks for the SP reminder. Chris was checking his email and there was one there from SP saying he won 2 points!Then we went and clicked away the 30 times and only won 12 more! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    No one I have contacted is signing up or nothing, so I am not going to get any bonus points!!! Oh well what can ya do!

    That reminds me, I have to go change our emails with Ipsos- Reid Surveys. Won't get no surveys until we do!

    Have a great day!
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