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  1. Monday HURRAH for you, ticul! Ready or not, the early spring is putting Spring into my step.
    Hope you feel zippy today!
  2. Thank you for the well wishes for 2017, ticul! I am certainly going to chase opportunities and income! As for family-we argue like cats and dogs. Three days of Xmas (Julian calendar) are coming up. Just want peace, quiet, sweets and tea!
    May the Universe gift you and your kin (actual and chosen ones-yes!) inspiring treasures and rewards and loads of new opportunities!
  3. Hi Ciel! I wish you and your family a Happy New Year and nothing but the best for 2017....................
  4. May the leaves leave you alone this weekend, ticul!
    Enjoyed a rake-free day and got some baking done before doing errands.
  5. Yes, it's a wonderful Thursday-am so delighted to have done my evening shopping yesterday rather than this morning! Got my deals...hope you get yours too!
  6. Hello, Ticul! Wishing you more harvests, good things, and warm relationships from this holiday onwards...Ciel
  7. Hi Ciel! I wish you a Happy Thankgiving weekend with your family.........
  8. Thank you, ticul, for your rep! May you see a stunning fall colour display this weekend-fall is like Pippi Longstocking, colourful and unpredictable.
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