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  1. You bet I am, that's a ongoing thing lol. I am mailing you out something as well
  2. Hi, R U still looking for Glucerna coupons?? I found some $3.00 off today at LD.
  3. Doing the same, going to plant trees tonight I need yer address again...
  4. Hello back at you, lol. I'm enjoying the nice weather and you??
  5. well hello stranger, how ya doing?
  6. Get Better Soon!!!! You are missed
  7. lol, I tried to go out but my van had another idea!!! So today dh is going to try to start it so he can go to work!!!! I hope you guys are OK like I mean stranded at home not in a snow bank somewhere.
  8. We are stranded lol, I hope you made it home safe This weather is lethal, white outs, rigs in ditches, ambulances everywhere. Pretty sad
  9. -29 here right now. YUCK!!! I am going to venture out today, maybe find some elusive coupons.
  10. ugh, oh noooooo lol, time to get more firewood.
  11. bundle up!!!! I just heard the weather report for AB and looks like we are going to get another taste of winter this weekend
  12. hey girl, how ya doing??? Haven't talked to you in ages.
  13. Merry Christmas
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