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  1. I know, mine is so full, I may have to do that. And I take the thing everywhere! I'm surprised my purse doesn't burst!
  2. Too funny, because I do too! I have no qualms about using my coupons now, I know what it means to my family! Watch yourself though, I now have 2 organizers! My one got too full and I was scared it would spill out (it was bulging like 5 inches...) So now I sort my FPC/High Value or regularily used coupons in one and the other one holds all the others. I set up a space in the one book for all the stores I shop at and before i head out I organize the coupons I'll be using at that particular store and slip them into their own page with my list for that store. That way I don't forget to use a coupon and it doesn't take as long at the store. I still take all the others though, you never know when you'll find an irresistable deal!
  3. I got the idea from you for the book a couple months back and I absolutely love it!! I always feel like it's a guilty pleasure when I'm in the aisle going through my coupons to organize them and then I have this smile on my face heading to the cash! I still feel nervous sometimes afraid I'll have to be extremely firm when using internet coupons, but I have no problem asking for a manager! I think we might be twins!
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