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  1. awesome Great deal
  2. Hi! I got my stamps today! Thanks ! :D
  3. I certainly will let you know when they get here... and no worries about you getting busy... stuff happens. Glad you got your envie! Happy Shopping!
  4. I got your envy this morning! Thanks a lot for all the coupons Now it's time to stock on that Cascade and I love the gum coupon as well!!
    Please let me know when you receive the stamps, I sent them late last week eeekkk.. Sorry! I was really busy and forgot!!
  5. ok no prob! those things happen :D
  6. Hi Billie,
    Just to let you know that I kinda spaces out on our deal, so I'm sending your stamps and some coupons first thing tomorrow morning!!! I'm so sorry.. work has been crazy and I really forgot about the Cascade coupons
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