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  1. no no, i'm glad it got there safe! thanks, and thanks again for the ride!!
  2. nope I know how slow the mail is just thought you wanted to know but maybe I am wrong
  3. Lol, I knew she would- you sound surprised lol
  4. yes you only sent me joking lol I know I am a pita
  5. Yes! I remember I saw your post. i'm so sorry that happened. that would really suck. I had one of my $26 GC that i mailed to someone go missing from CP. It really sucked because i had to replace it. $52 for 24 stouffers pins- that was TERRIBLE!.
    i hope you get your ends in return. You are far too nice and awesome for anyone to screw you over.
    P.s. i did send 2 Nestea FPC's like we agreed didn't I? I had a dream where I only sent you one....
  6. well I am part of the drama lol I have lost alot of trades latley one from each of the ones metioned lol I have lost gift cards stamps FPC from 3 traders since Dec alone!!!!
  7. Are you following the Soap opera which is SC's 'the only place to discuss.." drama?!?!
    i was creeping it and saw you were also viewing it- INTENSE!!
  8. you already cursed me lol
  9. LOL! I'm sorry, I shouldn't have put that out there. i take it back lol
  10. oh thanks make me all nervous now lmao
  11. ♥♥ happy valentines day to you too! ♥♥
  12. Oh I am so happy to find you it was a frazzling day for me lol!!! I totally forgot to ask who you were so sorry!!!! My mom was visiting, it was my son's birthday blah blah blah lol. Thanks again for the coupon really appreciate it!!!
  13. ps- your Page looks FANTASTIC!
  14. I saw your post about running into you at Wal-Mart, and i'm so glad you did! it was nice to see you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
    ps- if we ever do a trade we can always meet up at Wal-Mart and save ourselves the stamps lol!
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