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  1. Essentially- Swagbucks is just a bonus. you use their search bar and you get points for doing it. You use your points and when you have enough you turn them into GC's for places. seems to be the most popular one- even if you don't use them people on here will trade you other GC's or Coupons for them. there is no real point- but it doesnt hurt to use their search bar to earn free stuff. I figure I might as well- Google doesnt give me anything for searching with them.
  2. Thanks for all your messages. I still don't get what you have to do in Swagbucks. What do you do and what is the point? Just curious is all. If interested, sure I will use you as a referral or whatever.
  3. can I be your Swagbucks referral?? use the link in the previous message and I'd greatly appreciate it!
  4. Swagbucks-
    you join up- download the toolbar and use it to search like a normal toolbar. you get random points and they add up overtime to SwagBucks you trade for giftcards. It really is worth it and Swagbucks toolbar is completely safe- no spyware
  5. Lol, I dont have a profile picture for the same reasons-use it as your 'avatar'. Coupon trading is weird in the beginning but you will get the hang of it. the best way to start is go to your 'About Me' and write down all the coupons you have that you don't wans. Check out some other peoples to see how it should be. then, fill out your wishlist coupons- of ones that you want. a lot of people have trade list coupons in the Coupons tab, under Coupons and trading. Scroll down and you will see people post their Wishlist of LF coupons (LF- looking for). If you see someone has a bunch you want to trade, message them and tell them to take a look at your wish list to see if they have ones you want. you do this all thru Private messages. If you work out an agreement then you will exchange adresses and mail eachother the trade If you have any questions about what is a 'fair' trade there are several posts about it and you can always msg me or another Sc'er for an opinion.
  6. I don't understand how to put a normal size picture on my profile at all. Also I have coupons I don't want but I have no clue how to trade with people at all. Oh and what is Swagbucks?
  7. hi! Welcome to SC! I'll warn you- it's really addictive! lol. If you have any questions, let me know and I will do my best to help!
  8. Hi Tinkerbella23 i'm new to SC and I'm just trying to connect with some people in Ontario. Not sure exactly how to lol but as I was looking on some of the posts I saw you were from ON so thought I'd say hi.
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