One Week of great Deals July 15-July 18

Too many deals and not enough table space. So my picture only has some of the great deals or not as many doubles of everything that was bought. What a fun week to save...

Thursday ran to Canadian Tire to get my magic erasers. They were single packs but my coupons was B2Save$1 on any magic erasers soo...

-12x$1-6xB2Save$1=$6.60 with GST

Then to RCSS for:

-2xSmuckers Squeeze Jams @$2.97-$2=$1.94

Friday my husband ran to LD and got:

-12X$0.79 plus B3Get1 Heinz Beans=$0.60x12=$7.20
-2x$3.99 Cover Girl Mascara-$8stack=FREE
-2x2for$5 V8 juice-$3stack=$2.00 for 2
-4x$2.99 Old Spice Body Wash-2x$2off-2B1G1=$1.98 for 4

Then for Sunday, yippeee!!!!


-2xKraft Macaroni Cups @ $0.88 - B2Save$0.30=$1.66
-1xThinsations Chocolate Pretzels @ $1.99-$0.50=$1.49
-6xRoyal Tissues @ $0.69 -$1 = $3.14

Shoppers Drug Mart

-2xcloverleaf flavored tuna @$0.99-B2Save$0.50=$1.48

No Frills

[email protected]$1.69-$0.60=$1.09
-1xNature Valley Dark Chocolate Granola Bar @$1.69-$1=$0.69
-1xVector Cereal=FPC plus another FPC
-2xArm & Hammer Laundry [email protected]$1.97-2x$1off=$1.94 for both


-2xMagesta Toilet Paper 4pk-2x$1off=Free


-1xVector Cereal-FPC=Free
-1xFinish Elecrosol Paks @$5.47-$3.50=$1.97


-6 Cascade Action Paks and 8 Dawn Dish Soap = $1.01 with coupons
-3x$6.99Always pads-$16.50coupons=$4.47
-2x$Old Spice @2.99-1x$2off and B1G1=$0.99
-2xB2for$4 Tetley Infusions-$2=$2
-1x$3.99 Cover Girl Mascara-$2=$1.99
-1xSt.Ives Facial [email protected]$4.99-$4.50=$0.49
-1xBounce Dryer [email protected]$4.19-$3=$1.19
-2xFebreeze [email protected]$10.99-$21stack=$1.98 for 2!
-2xDove Shampoo and Conditioner PM WalMart @$2.96 plus FPC for Hairspray and PM'd Zellers Dove Deoderant at $2-$0.50coupon=$0.92

So much fun and so many savings.
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