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  1. Actually mine is all in silver. I think there's more upside for it than gold. I look at the ratio of the two. Historically the ratio was 10:1 and in the past century 50:1. Currently 79:1. Either gold has to drop or silver has to rise significantly to balance the ratio.

    I hesitate to give financial advice EXCEPT to AVOID Bitcoin like the plague!

    But I think if you watch the ratio it gives you a good indication of when's a good time to buy.

    Another factor to consider is the value of the CAD. I bought my silver when it was close to $14 USD an ounce, but the CAD was 69 cents, so my gains in silver were wiped out by the gains seen in the loonie the past year.

    With all that being said I think Silver is near it's bottom and I don't see the CAD doing much better than increasing a few cents the next few years, but who knows in this crazy financial world...
  2. Hi Tommy - good to know you are putting some of your cash into gold! The program I am using let's me store my precious metal holdings in a vault in Toronto at no charge - minimum amount 1g

    Would you be a buyer at these prices now?
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