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  1. Happy Canada Day Tuktu

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. Have a great long weekend Tuktu!!!
  4. Hope you're having a good week Tuktu60!
  5. You have a great Canada Day as well!!
  6. Have a great Canada Day tomorrow Tuktu60!
  7. My first SC friend! Happy hunting Tuktu
  8. Thanks Dee - free money is great - I absolutely am tickled pink with my phone too. I think it is one of the best deals I have snagged lately - thanks to the great folks at Smart Canucks!!
  9. Just read about your ordeal in the ditch last week. Glad you're okay.
    Would you believe I'm still giddy about the phone? LOL Bought a cell phone case today at the dollar store. I'm ready for anything now.
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