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  1. Just wanted to say hi and hope you're not working too hard? Have a nice week!

  2. Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day?!
  3. Gee, Ihope you're remembering to look after you when you're working so much?! So easy to wear yourself too thin and catch sumthin around the holidays. Hope you have a nice weekend?!

  4. Aw, thanks so much for the rep!
  5. It's going great. I am putting together the envelopes for the winners in the game I had this weekend on SC for Christmas. Funny contest! Loved some people's answers!!! Cheered me right up!
  6. hey there!!
    I've been working NON-STOP for too long.
    Today is my only day off in awhile.
    Tomorrow I go right back to it
    How's it going?!

  7. Hi! How ya been? Haven't bumped into you lately.

  8. Happy Halloween!
  9. thanks for the rep!!!
  10. Thanx so much for the rep!
    Will do same for you once qualify to - almost there.
    You deserve it. Thanx for sharing Pink Game!
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