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  1. Gus had a cagemate that would have been left alone when he died, so i made a trip to the Toronto Humane Society back in February. They had a pair of brothers that of course wouldn't be separated, so now i have 3 piggies getting along nicely together.
  2. i'm sorry about have 3 more??? i would love to see them! I have two dogs myself one of which is 15 now and mostly can't heart breaks for him.....I pray he will be with me for a while yet........hes quite healthy and the younger one keeps him hopping........they are shelties by the them to bits........
  3. That is "Gus" inthe picture... an old picture, he's gone now...i'll have to take some more pics of the 3 piggies that i have now...
  4. Good Morning!!! Im a newbie finally figured out how to chat with your guinea pig! sooo cute? what's its name?
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