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  1. How was your trip to florida? I know its been awhile but thought I would check
  2. Ahhh, thank you!! I believe I am very kind and generous and try helping out everyone I can. I honestly believe that's why I was personally asked to chaperone these athletes to Florida because they have seen my kind, caring personality. It wouldn't be just "anyone" that they would entrust with other people's kids, even though 2 of my 3 are on this trip. Hubby and I chaperoned to Newmarket last year, only 30 kids though, and our swim club is still talking about it and the kids that we're part of that trip, will never forget!!! I don't do it for the recognition at all (nor the pay...its all volunteer), i just enjoy helping out where I can. I took a leave from work without pay to go on this Florida adventure (that's what I'm calling it) to ensure that the swimmers are cared for properly in all aspects.
  3. So glad that I met you, you really are a sweet heart and a kind soul.
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